How do Variable Annuities Work ?

In this video Ryan Discusses Why Ken Fisher hates annuities. Fisher particularly hates Variable Annuities which he believes should not be legal as they currently exist.

Is Ken Fisher right?

Ryan takes a deep dive into how variable annuities work.

He discusses the Risk, the cost, the hidden fees, the tax implications, and how to accomplish everything you can inside of a variable annuity outside of a variable annuity without all the hidden cost and fees variable annuities have.

Annuities are financial products that provide a stream of income payments in exchange for a lump sum premium payment.

They are typically offered by insurance companies and can be used for retirement planning, estate planning, or other financial goals.

Annuities can have different features and investment options, such as fixed or variable, and can provide a guaranteed income stream for a specified period of time or for the lifetime of the annuity holder.

Variable annuities are investment products that allow the policyholder to invest a portion of their premium into a variety of underlying investment options, such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. 

The value of the policy and the payout at maturity are based on the performance of these underlying investments, which can fluctuate over time. They offer potential for growth and tax-deferred growth of earnings, but also carry investment risk.


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